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    1. 2 Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines MDG (Maximum capacity 100kN, Maximum frequency for fatigue testing 100 Hz), equipped with an oven for working from sub ambient temperature to 5000 C.
    2. Electromechanical Universal Testing Machines Scheunk, (Maximum capacity 100kN and 25 kN), equipped with an induction heating oven for high temperature testing in air. Both may perform low cycle fatigue tests.
    3. Ultrasonic Systems, A, C and D-Scan (Bath Size 1200x1000 mm).
    4. Two Quasi-Static Universal Testing Frames, maximum capacity 25 kN .
    5. 6-Channel SPARTAN 2000 System by PAC for NDT Acoustic Emission Analysis.
    6. 4-Channel MYSTRAS System by PAC for transient Acoustic Emission Analysis.
    7. Ultrasonic System dedicated to the characterisation of the stiffness matrix of anisotropic materials and the anisotropic damage developed under thermomechanical fatigue conditions, equipped with the necessary software developed in house.
    8. Thermo-Camera System by Nikon
    9. Thermal Analysis DuPont 2000 System with 9900 Programmer comprising the following units :
      • Thermal Mechanical Analyzer(TMA) 943
      • Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) 983
      • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) 910
      • Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Accessory (LNCA 11)
    10. Dynamic Mechanical Analysis System by Bruel & Kjaer for resonance and forced vibrations. Complete set of 1-D, 2-D and 3-D accelerometers and the necessary amplifiers, 2 base excitation shakers, excitation hammers, data logger and data acquisition systems.
    11. Low velocity impact machine.
    12. Ballistic-Impact testing equipment
    13. Impact Pendulum (Sharpy & Izold Impact).
    14. Nikon-Optiphot 66 Microscope (Fractography),equipped with CCD and video recorder
    15. Viscoelastic Characterisation Systems (creep, relaxation) equipped with a controlled temperature furnace (Max temperature: 5000 C).
    16. Conditioning - chamber for humidity and temperature control and UV radiation.
    17. Conditioning - chamber for bellow zero temperatures.
    18. Special frame for testing of safety helmets according to EC regulation 22.
    19. Laboratory platens press 300x300 mm, hydraulic force 300 kN, max. temperature 4000 C.
    20. Hand Lay up and Spray up systems with Vacuum bagging for the manufacturing of composite components.
    21. Autoclave system for the manufacturing of composite components
    22. Vacuum casting device for the manufacturing of working prototype components.
    23. Vacuum forming system.
    24. Full access to a Rapid Prototyping set-up consisting of SLA, LOM and Z-Print systems
    25. SGI 8-processors system, Sun UltraSparc, HP/C180 WorkStations and network of PCs.


    • Nastran, Nike, Patran, ANSYS and LS-DYNA3D Finite element codes, Franc 2-D and 3-D for fracture analysis.
    • Warp3D analysis code for advanced plastic and viscoplastic analysis.
    • Solid Edge, Rhinoceros, Autocad and Pro Engineer design codes.



  • Ultrasonic system, for the measurements stiffness matrix of anisotropic materials, based on the inversion of phase velocity measurements. The system has been used for the characterization of anisotropic damage developed under thermomechanical fatigue conditions in the case of composite materials (organic matrix, ceramic matrix), equipped with the necessary software developed in house.
  • Pattern recognition in house developed algorithms for the analysis of continuous Acoustic Emission monitoring of quasi-static, fatigue and fracture mechanics experiments, for the complete characterization of the damage modes and the damage evolution under loading conditions. Application in the case of organic and ceramic matrix composites structures.
  • Complete Lab. for processing of composite materials and the production of prototypes designed by AML, equipped with Autoclave system (F 1000 mm), vacuum bagging facilities, hand lay up and spray up equipment. Also available a Thermal Press for the production of thermoplastic composites.
  • In house developed facilities for the measurements of modal damping. Application of the system for the characterization of the structural integrity of the composite structures, and the design of controlled damping systems.
  • In house developed software for the characterisation of coating mechanical properties (modulus, strength, yield point and strain hardening exponent), using data from a micro and/or nano indentation experiment. Full access to a nano indentation system.
  • In house developed equipment for quantifying the scratch resistance of coatings using Acoustic Emission sensoring.
  • In house developed pattern recognition algorithm for AE monitored signals for the evaluation of the damage state of Thermal Barrier Coatings.
  • Full access to a number of SEM, Microprob, XPS and optical microscopes for material and fractographic analysis



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